Alumni Talk

Alumni Talk

Alumni Cell and the Media Council host the FOSTER series to strengthen the Institute-Alumni relationship. The Foster 2022 is an initiative by the Media Council and Alumni Cell to spotlight Institute’s alumni who made their path and soared high through an Alumni Talk Series. We firmly believe that one who has experienced the ups and downs of a journey is the best guide for someone new or about to start the same journey. Sharing the challenges one faces in their exploration of “becoming” can undoubtedly help others prepare well for theirs. And for an Institute, it is always a pleasure and a moment of pride to see the alumni sharing the many stepping stones they achieved in their career and soaring high in the sky.


The FOSTER series is will include a variety of themes which are as follows:

  1. Business and Entrepreneurship
  2. Technology and Innovation
  3. Trading and Investments
  4. Startups
  5. Higher Studies
  6. Administrations

Each volume will have two talks delivered by alumni working on the respective theme.